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Age: The minimum age of the candidate to appear for the CDS exam is 18 years on the date of registration. If the age of the candidate is between 13 to 18 years, there must be an undertaking signed by the parents or the guardian. Experience: The candidate needs to have two years of relevant experience as a data scientist. Educational qualification: As data science is an open field, there is no educational criteria or background required to become a Chartered Data Scientist.

A candidate can take the Chartered Data Scientist Exam even if the candidate does not carry the two years of the required experience. In this condition, the candidate will be given only the exam results and their charter remains on hold. Once they complete the two years of experience, they are awarded this charter.

The candidate can inform the ADaSci through email at once they complete the two years of experience. Although, the exam result also shows the knowledge of the candidate in the field of data science, and the same is acknowledged by the recruiters.

There are no education criteria to appear for the Chartered Data Scientist exam. You can appear at any point of time provided the age requirements.

You do not require to showcase any training to appear for the Chartered Data Scientist exam. It only requires two years of relevant work experience as a criteria.

Chartered Data Scientist is a self-study program where the aspiring candidates can prepare themselves for the exam. ADaSci does not provide any training to the appearing candidates. However, a detailed curriculum, suggested study resources and a practice set is provided to the candidates. You can visit this page at ADaSci website to find these resources.

You can prepare yourself for the Chartered Data Scientist exam based on the given curriculum. You can take reference from the suggested textbooks and free study resources.

You can register for the Chartered Data Scientist exam online at any time by visiting this page at ADaSci website. Only you need to create your account, pay the exam fees and select a date and time for the exam.

You can register at any point in time and can schedule your exam for any further date. There is no such limit on days to register before the exam. Even a person can register one year in advance for the exam.

The ADaSci provides a lot of flexibility to the candidates willing to appear for this exam. Candidates can take this exam at any time throughout the years. There is no fixed schedule for the exam.

In order to provide flexibility to the candidates, this exam can be taken online from any place across the world, even from home. This is a complete online and web-proctored exam. 

This exam is held for 3 hours and consists of 150 questions.

No there is no negative marking in this exam.

There is no limit on attempts to take this exam. You can take it any number of times. Each time you will have to register for the exam again.

You can visit this page on ADaSci website to get the detailed curriculum including the topics.

You will get the results within 60 days from the date of the exam.

You will get the charter within 60 days from the date of the exam, provided that you have passed the exam successfully and your details are verified.

Once you pass the exam, we shall reach out to you to verify your experience.

The CDS charter has lifetime validity.

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