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Learn and Advance Your Skills With Our Online Machine Learning Courses

Association of Data scientists offers a growing repertoire of online courses that provides you with in-depth knowledge of various areas within machine learning & data science.

The courses are available to members (with discounts) & non-members both at an affordable price and also help prepare you for Chartered Data Scientist™ Designation.

Most courses are available as videos for self-paced learning along with relevant Colab notebooks (if any).

Upcoming Workshop: NLP From Scratch

We have announced a full-day workshop on Natural Language Processing (NLP) on the 26th of September, Saturday.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the key frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and has been in trend since the rise in popularity of conversational AI. When it comes to communicating with machines, NLP offers some of the best tools and techniques to facilitate the conversation in a human language. Starting from review analysis to intelligent chatbots, there are a variety of interesting applications of NLP. While a lot of potential of NLP has been explored, a lot more is yet to come.

Registrations open, only at $12.99

Computer Vision Workshop

Association of Data Scientists brings this workshop to help familiarize with the key concepts of Deep Learning techniques applied in the field of Computer Vision.

Access pre-recorded videos of more than 5 hours workshop, with Colab notebooks, only at $19.99

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