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Learn and Advance Your Skills With Our Online Machine Learning Courses

Association of Data scientists offers a growing repertoire of online courses that provides you with in-depth knowledge of various areas within machine learning & data science.

The courses are available to members (with discounts) & non-members both at an affordable price and also help prepare you for Chartered Data Scientist™ Designation.

Most courses are available as videos for self-paced learning along with relevant Colab notebooks (if any).

Workshop: Deep Learning From Scratch Using Keras

Deep Learning models are dominating nowadays in a variety of application domains and have outperformed the classical machine learning models in many ways. It is always a curiosity across the developers and learners on how to build efficient deep learning models for interesting applications.

In this workshop, developing deep learning models from scratch will be discussed through which the participants will learn how to start, develop and apply these models in real-life applications. These implementations will be done with Keras using the TensorFlow backend.

Access the complete workshop, only at $19.99

Workshop: From Privacy to Fairness in AI

Machine learning(ML) and Artificial intelligence(AI) solutions are getting deeper in our day to day life. Currently, AI is empowering our convenience at the cost of our privacy. In the last few years, we have heard the news about big techs and startups facing lawsuits because of not compiling with new data governance laws. AI implementation in business has been facing several issues and challenges to solve them.

The aim of this workshop to empower ML/AI researchers and industry leaders in understanding and mitigating the risk of AI. The workshop also provides a platform to exchange ideas and discuss some of the open problems in privacy, ethics, and fairness surrounding AI.

Attebd live workshop at $12.99

Workshop: Build your own Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) from Scratch

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have generators and discriminators, which allows the researcher to generate more data. It is a class of machine learning designed by Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues in 2014. GANs are used in various applications today and considered as one of the top domains in future AI Applications.

With an increasing demand for professionals to have a hand on experience of the GANs technology, we are bringing an extensive workshop that will allow the developers to learn and implement their own (GANs) from Scratch.

Access the complete workshop, only at $19.99

CDS Video Series | Section 1: Probability Theory, Statistics and Linear Algebra

These video series represent topics of the Chartered Data Scientist (CDS) exam curriculum. Through these videos, ADaSci aims to help the candidates who are going to appear in the CDS exam. These videos will be helpful in making a strong foundation for the preparation of the CDS Exam.

Although these videos aim to help the CDS aspirants, the other learners can also find these videos useful as these cover the important concepts that are required in the field of data science. The CDS exam curriculum covers not only the topics to pass an exam but it consists of the skills that are most important to have by any prospective data science professional.

This video series is divided among the sections and then further divided among major concepts in the sections. So here, the series starts with the first section as given below.

Access pre-recorded videos only at $29.99

Workshop: NLP From Scratch

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the key frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and has been in trend since the rise in popularity of conversational AI. When it comes to communicating with machines, NLP offers some of the best tools and techniques to facilitate the conversation in a human language.

Starting from review analysis to intelligent chatbots, there are a variety of interesting applications of NLP. While a lot of potential of NLP has been explored, a lot more is yet to come.

Access the complete workshop, only at $19.99

Computer Vision Workshop

Association of Data Scientists brings this workshop to help familiarize with the key concepts of Deep Learning techniques applied in the field of Computer Vision.

Access pre-recorded videos of more than 5 hours workshop, with Colab notebooks, only at $19.99

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