Deep Learning models are dominating nowadays in a variety of application domains and have outperformed the classical machine learning models in many ways. It is always a curiosity across the developers and learners on how to build efficient deep learning models for interesting applications.

In this workshop, developing deep learning models from scratch will be discussed through which the participants will learn how to start, develop and apply these models in real-life applications. These implementations will be done with Keras using the TensorFlow backend.


Pre-recorded videos (More than 7 hours of content) & colab notebooks


01. Introduction to Deep Learning: 5min

02. Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks: 82min

03. Deep Neural Network for Classification: 30Min

04. Convolutional Neural Networks: 85min

05. Convolutional Neural Network for Image Classification: 65min

06. Recurrent Neural Network and LSTM Model: 21min

07. Sequence Modeling: 25min

08. Autoencoders and Image Reconstruction: 32min

09. Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) for Fake Image Generation: 25min

10. Neural Style Transfer: 41min

11. Real-Time Object Detection in Images and Videos: 16min

+ 10 COLAB Notebooks

Download the complete workshop at $19.99


After payment, you will receive an email with download link of the whole workshop (Videos & notebook links).

ADaSci Members receive a 30% discount.

The workshop is free for CDS Charterholders.


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